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DK Biography : Nelson Mandela

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DK Biography : Nelson Mandela

ISBN-10: 0756621097
ISBN-13: 978-0756621094
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This book is for children who is 9 to 12 year old and it is one of the biography series of DK press. The words in this book are very easy and plain style, but there are some difficult words for me. The stories are well arranged in chronological order, so it could be easy for children to understand. It is a brief summary of Nelson Mandela's life, so it is recommended that you should find or search another more detail book on the historical fact.

This book depicts well Mandela’s whole life from his birth, growing to the recent achievements in the democracy of his country. There was discrimination by the race, and only the whites dominated and controlled the South African Government. Only whites had a right to vote, and almost of the public facilities are separated for the whites. One of the pictures in this book describes a sign to restrict the use of park’s lawn where is for European infants only.

He was a political prisoner for many years, but did not give up his belief and accomplished his goal. As a result, his effort gives native African freedom in politics and in general life. The power of the international capital was a big role to solve the problem and change the South African government’s decision on its democracy. Government’s leaders could not help accepting ANC’s requests and global opinion due to the exodus of investment capital.

This book describes the main event of his life very well, and it is a nice material for children and adults who are learning English.


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