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PowerDesigner® vs. ERwin Technical Comparison
A white paper from Sybase, Inc.


In conclusion, both of these data modeling tools are very popular and provide the user with
a many useful functions. However, PowerDesigner has a more sophisticated user interface
and functions that are easier to find and use for the novice.With its advanced control over
graphics and its stronger reporting facility, PowerDesigner produces better quality documentation
than ERwin. ERwin has a good handle on the databases it supports, but PowerDesigner
starts with better support and lets the user customize the database definitions. ERwin has
some sophisticated features when dealing with standard domains and naming conventions
that are superior to PowerDesigner. PowerDesigner is stronger in the dimensional modeling
area, having more functions specifically for handling multi-dimensional hierarchies.
ERwin has made strides in loosening their link between logical and physical models, but
still the lack of true conceptual modeling is a detriment. The fundamental differences in
philosophy concerning conceptual, logical and physical models and the limitations ERwin
enforces concerning attributes and data items give PowerDesigner an edge when creating
business-oriented models.
BPwin is a more mature tool than the BPM module and does a good job of modeling
business processes and functions, but it is a separate package.
The ACM is disappointing, with a poor user interface and a steep learning curve when
moving from the other CA tools. It is also crippled by not being able to share the same
repository as the other tools. If CA can somehow merge their modeling tools together,
things would be much better.
Although they both share the ability to integrate multiple models, only PowerDesigner was
truly able to share objects between models. The bottom line is that PowerDesigner is a tightly
integrated suite of modules with a strong common user interface while CA’s tools are obviously
from different sources without any consistency between them

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